MSD-Band, 5.5 meter

Resistance MoVeS Band & Shoulder Rope Pulley
MSD-Band, 5.5 meter

MoVeS Band is a premium quality, low powder latex resistive exercise band. 
The unique Snap-Stop fabrication process makes this product extremely tear resistant. 

Using the MoVeS Band for resistive exercises provides positive as well as negative forces on the muscles. 




Snap-Stop makes exercising with latex bands much safer. 

This unique feature will avoid snapping, even if there’s a cut or puncture. 

When working out with a resistive exercise band, the band has to endure extremely high tensions.

A small cut can have a big consequence…


MoVeS and MoVeS F!T Bands are unique in their field. 

Thanks to our extensive research and development we have achieved an innovative production process: 

when used properly, the latex band will not suddenly snap, even when exposed to high forces. 

This does not apply to a very old band, or band that has been exposed outdoors for some time, 

as well as an abused band. Using a fresh and clean sheet of band is recommended.

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REF: M100500
Resistance MoVeS Band & Shoulder Rope Pulley MSD-Band, 5.5 meter

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